Sunday, January 8, 2012

Blog fail.


I started this food blog and then immediately stopped writing in it.  I haven't stopped cooking... and my computer is filled with pictures of the food I have made (many, unfortunately, of recipes I have since lost)...  the back up is more in the sitting down to write about it.

Here is the excuse I am going to throw out there:

In the last 16 months since starting this, I decided to go back to grad school (yes, I know, that accounts for maybe 5 seconds of the passed time).  But then I had to apply, which was not super fun.  Then I had to get in, which was stressful.  Oh, and then there is that little part where I decided to attend UC Berkeley and moved across the country.  I ended my job in April and took the summer off (even more time to cook and blog about it! Ya... about that... oh well, you should have seen my tan).  I packed up my car at the beginning of August and my boyfriend and I headed out West.  3700 miles and 13 states later I find myself living in San Francisco!
Bonneville Salt Flats
Geothermal Pools in Yellowstone

Anyways, I am now working on a PhD at Berkeley in Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition.

Living out in California has been a foodie feast.  There are so many wonderful restaurants and I have access to the highest quality produce.  The farmers markets are amazing!

Shots from around the Ferry Building Saturday Farmers Market, courtesy of my mom.
ANYWAYS, I have my first semester of grad school under my belt, and now I need to focus on something other than science.  I am going to slowly quickly work through some backlogged food, and then continue with some of my recent stuff!  In between recipes, you may have to put up with some whining about grad school, but you will also hear about the wonderful restaurants I go to to "treat" myself after a hard week in the lab :-).


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